Apply For Oklahoma Food Stamps Program

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About Oklahoma Food Stamps Program

The Oklahoma SNAP is a federal government food assistance program that is intended for the households and individuals with insufficient income resources. This program is designed to provide the monthly food benefits to the eligible households/individuals so that they can buy sufficient healthy food on a monthly basis. The amount of the benefits that a household/individual receives depends on the household size allowed expenses, and the income. In Oklahoma, the food benefits are issued by the DHS through a plastic card named as “ACCESS Oklahoma Card.” This card can be used just like your bank cards at the authorized food stores. Currently, this is the largest program in the country that has been helping many households on a monthly basis.

Eligibility Requirements Of Oklahoma SNAP Program

The eligibility of the Oklahoma SNAP Program depends on the need of the household. Hence, you should understand that the food benefit amount will be based on how many household members are there and the income of the household. Below is the income limit chart that will give you a clear picture of what annual income limit you need to have to qualify for the Food Stamps program in Oklahoma:

Household MembersIncome Limits Per Year
For an Additional Person+ $5,408

If your household meets the income limits described in the above chart, then you can qualify for the Oklahoma SNAP Program. You can also know your eligibility by using the online screening tool. However, you can still apply for the program, even if you are confused over your eligibility. The only authentic way to know your eligibility is that you should apply for this program.

How To Apply For Oklahoma Food Stamps Program

To apply for the Oklahoma Food Stamps Program, you can use the online application process, apply in person, or send your applications by mail or fax. The process to apply for the food benefits isn’t at all difficult. To help you in this regard, here are the available application methods that you can follow to apply for the program:

Online SNAP Application

These are the simple steps to apply for the food benefits in Oklahoma:

  • Click here to start the online application process.
  • Now, select “create a user id and password” and click “next” button. You need first to get registered to apply online.
  • After you sign in, you should click the link “apply for benefits.”
  • Now, you need to provide your identification numbers such as your date of birth and social security number or OKDHS client ID number, and then click on the “submit” button to start the application process.
  • In the SNAP application, you will need to provide the information such as household names and social security numbers, earned and unearned income of every single household member, shelter expenses like mortgage payments or the rent, utility bills like garbage, electric, water and gas, medical expenses, child care expenses and the child support obligations, etc.
  • You should provide the correct details of the required information to complete the application.
  • Before you submit the application, you must review it carefully and correct if something is wrong.

Applications In Office Or By Mail Or Fax

You can download the Oklahoma Food Stamps Application from below link. After you get the application form, you are required to print that and complete it with the information that is asked to be filled in the application. Once you have completed the application with the asked information, you can take it along with you at the local DHS Office to apply as in person. Or, you can fax or email the application form to the DHS office. You can find the contact information such as fax number and email from the link the DHS office locator that we have just mentioned here.

What Happens Next?

After you have finished submitting your application form, there will be a caseworker to whom your application will be assigned. After reviewing your application, the caseworker will either approve or reject your information. If approved, then you will get an interview call or notification by mail. You need to be successful in that interview if you want to get the monthly Food Stamps benefits. Once you manage to pass the interview, you will get the SNAP benefits within the 30 calendar days from the application.

You Can Also Get Benefits Before 30 Days

If you need to start receiving the SNAP benefits before the 30 calendar days, then you should apply for the expedited food benefits. Through the expedited services, you can get the benefits well inside the seven calendar days. But for the expedited services, there are the certain rules and requirements that an applicant needs to meet. For example, your household needs to have monthly gross income less than $150, and you must not have the cash resources of more than $100 if you want to get benefit from the expedited services. If you are a seasonal farmer or a migrant with the cash resource of below $100, then you can also get the expedited services.

Once you get the ACCESS Oklahoma Card, then you can use it to buy food at the certain authorized stores. The balance on your card will be deducted automatically at the food store cash counter. If you want to know the remaining benefit amount on your card, then you can check it by dialing 1-888-328-6551 where you will need to enter the card number.

Important Links

Contact Information



Phone:                 1-888-328-6551 or 405-521-3444


To know the local DHS Office where you can visit and submit your SNAP application or to get the program information, you can click here. You will find a list of the local county offices from where you can select your county office to get the address and other contact information.