Apply For North Carolina Food Stamps Program

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About North Carolina Food Stamps Program

The North Carolina residents (families or individuals) that are unable to buy sufficient amount of food, every month, can get benefit from the NC-SNAP program. This program was formerly named as “food stamps” but that was changed to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program to bring a clearer feel of the program. It’s a federal program that can provide you the financial assistance to buy food, if you are a low income person or household. Hence, the purpose of this program is to help deserving households and persons with nutritionally adequate diet. The financial assistance of this program is provided through the EBT cards. EBT stands for “Electronic Benefit Transfer”. It’s an ATM like card that the households can use at the certain grocery places to make food purchases.

Eligibility Requirements Of North Carolina SNAP Program

There are the several factors that will determine your eligibility for the North Carolina SNAP program. But, the four main pillars that can determine your eligibility are your income, household composition, citizenship or immigration status, and the resources. Let’s see those four factors, one-by-one to help you know if or not you can be an eligible household to get the food benefits.

Income Requirements

There are the certain gross income limits that are set for the eligibility determination of this program. The household needs to have an income that must be less than the allowed income limits. There will be an eligibility worker who will determine the certain income limits that should be applied to your household.

Household Size130% Max. Gross Income Limits200% Max. Gross Income LimitsMax. Benefit Allotment
For Every Additional Member+ $451+ $670+ $146
  1. Household Requirements

Some persons need to participate in the Food & Nutrition Services as a 1 household, even if they are purchasing and preparing the food separately. Here is a list of those individuals who are required to participate as 1 household:

  • The individuals who lives together and purchasing and preparing the food together.
  • The spouses that lives together or the individuals who are the married couple.
  • The individuals who are under 22 years old and living with their parents.
  • 2 unmarried adults who are living in a same house and are child’s mutual parents.

Citizenship Or Immigration Status

Every single individual that is receiving Food & Nutrition benefits needs to be the United States citizen. Or, the individual needs to be the immigrants that are admitted to the US under a specific immigration status.


There might be some households that might be subjected to the resource test. The household should have $2250 in their countable resource. If there is one or more persons of over 60 year age or with any disability, then the households can have $3250 in resources. The resources such as buildings, land, and house are not counted.

How To Apply For North Carolina Food Stamps Program

Different states in the United States have a different application process. There are the states that also allow the online applications. But, if you are living in the North Carolina and want to apply for the SNAP program, then you are required to visit the Local SNAP Administrating Agency where you can get the application form and complete it with the help of the SNAP workers to submit it there. Here is the information that you would need to provide, while completing the SNAP application form:

  • Applicant’s information
  • Information of every single household member
  • Social security numbers
  • Income details of the household
  • Expense details of the household
  • Resources that a household own
  • Your contact information
  • And so on…

Before you visit the SNAP office, you can also call the local DSS office to get the details of the documents or information that you will require to fill out the application form. You must provide the concrete information in the application form. If you provide non-genuine information in the application form, then you should keep in mind that you will have to provide the proof of the given information later on.

What Happens After You Submit The Application?

After you have submitted your application at the local SNAP office, the submitted application will be assigned to a caseworker. The caseworker will carefully go through your application and determine if you are eligible for the food benefits. If your application is right, then he will contact you on your provided contact details to schedule a SNAP interview. There are two modes of the SNAP eligibility interview. You can either give interview by call or at the SNAP office. You need to pass that eligibility interview, if you want to get the food benefits.

When The SNAP Benefits Will Be Provided?

The SNAP benefits will be provided to the eligible households within the 30 days of the application submission day. However, if you need to get the food benefits in less time, then you can also request for the expedited services. You can get the food benefits within 7 days through the expedited application.

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