Apply For Pennsylvania Food Stamps Program

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About Pennsylvania Food Stamps Program

SNAP is the brand new name of a federal food assistance program that was earlier known as “food stamp”. In the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, the benefits that are provided can be used to buy the food. The benefits are provided every month to the eligible households and individuals in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, many families or persons do not have the purchasing power to buy the sufficient amount of food on a regular basis in order to live a healthy life. This program is intended to raise the purchasing power of such household or individuals in Pennsylvania. To make sure that the food benefits are only transferred to the deserving or eligible families or individuals, there is an eligibility standard with certain requirements and rules. Every applicant will have to meet those requirements and rules in order to get the monthly SNAP benefits.

Eligibility Requirements For Pennsylvania SNAP Program

First of all, you are required to be a resident of the Pennsylvania state. If you are not the Pennsylvania state resident, then you should contact your county office or apply for the program that your county is offering. There are different eligibility requirements for the different states and every state has its own application process. Apart from the residency and citizenship requirement, the two other major factors that determine your eligibility for this program are the income and resources of a household. The income and resources of every single member of a household are counted in order to determine the eligibility.

If you have a gross monthly income at or below the amount that is mentioned in the below chart, then you have the clear chances to get approved for the Pennsylvania Food Stamps Program. However, if your income is not according to the below-mentioned details, then you can still apply for the program because this is the only way to know whether or not you are eligible for the program. Here is the chart that you should look at:

Household MembersGross Monthly Income LimitsGross Monthly Income Limits (With a Disable or Elderly Person)
For an Additional Member+ $555$649

The above chart is effective from 10/01/16. The households that are having the monthly income as per the above-mentioned guidelines can qualify to receive the TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. You can also make use of the online Pre-Screening Tool of SNAP to get an idea on your eligibility. For more information or guidelines for the program, you are advised to visit the local SNAP office.

How To Apply For Pennsylvania Food Stamps Program

There are a number of ways that are available to you in order to apply for the Pennsylvania Food Stamps Program. Hence, you have the freedom to choose the option that best suits you. There is the online method that you can use by visiting the COMPASS website that is designed for the online applications. This website also allows you to apply for several other services as well. Or, you can also file the SNAP application at the local county assistance office. You can also download the application form online and return it via mail. Now, let’s take a look at the available options, one by one.

Online SNAP Application

To apply online for the Pennsylvania Food Stamps Program, please do the below simple steps on your personal computer:

  • Visit the COMPASS website by clicking here.
  • You will see a “Get Started Now” menu on the right of the screen. Right under that you will see different links. Click “Apply for Any Benefits” from the available links.
  • Now, read the important information on this page and proceed next by clicking “Continue>” button.
  • Read the general information and click “Next>”.
  • Read “What to Expect” and click “Next>” button again.
  • Read the “Terms” and click “Next>” button.
  • Choose for whom you are applying, choose COMPASS account option, and then click “Next>”.
  • If you are not registered at COMPASS, then you will be asked to register first. So, register and log in to continue the application process.
  • After you sign in, you will be asked to enter the required information.
  • Start filling up the application form by providing “Household” details. Click “Next>” after entering the details.
  • Provide the “Benefit Details” and click “Next>”.
  • Provide “Individual Details” and click “Next>”.
  • Provide “Additional Details” and click “Next>”.
  • Provide your “Income Details” and click “Next>”.
  • Provide your “Expenses Details” and click “Next>”.
  • Provide your “Insurance Details” and click “Next>”.
  • Provide your “Resources Details” and click “Next>”.
  • Now, take a look at the summary of your provided information and correct if something is not correct. After that, click “Next>” button.
  • Go through the “Next Steps” and submit the e-Form.

In Person Or By Mail Applications

If you don’t want to apply online, then you are advised to download the Pennsylvania SNAP Application Form from below link. After you’ve downloaded the application form, you should fill it. You need to enter the same information that is described above in the online process. After you complete the form, now you can either visit the local county assistance office or you can mail it to their address.

After your applications are received at the local county assistance office, your application will be reviewed by a caseworker who will call you for the final interview, if your application seems right. Once you have successfully passed the interview, the benefits will be transferred to you via Pennsylvania EBT ACCESS Card within 30 calendar days.

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