Apply For Ohio Food Stamps Program

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About Ohio Food Stamps Program

There are the certain Ohio residents or the households who are weak in terms of financial position and just couldn’t buy sufficient healthy food on a monthly basis. People need the enough quality food on a daily basis in order to live a healthy life. But unfortunately, most of the households are unable to buy food items to feed their basic food needs. For such households, the federal government is there with the Ohio SNAP program which helps them buy food on a monthly basis. This is a federal program by which the monthly food benefits are transferred to the eligible households or individuals. So, if you are the one household or an individual with a low monthly income, then you can get advantage of this federal program that was also known as “food stamps” at the beginning.

Eligibility Requirements For Ohio SNAP Program

If you want to get benefit from this program, then you will have to meet the certain guidelines and eligibility requirements. First of all, you need to be an Ohio resident and the gross monthly income of the household needs to be at or below 130% of the current Federal Poverty guidelines. However, there are some cases where the people with a gross monthly income of above the federal poverty guidelines can also qualify. Such cases are the households with an elderly or the disabled person or persons. If the income of the household is less than the limits or the income limit doesn’t apply, then the household expenses will be reviewed in order to determine the benefit amount a household will get on a monthly basis. The expenses that are considered in this program are mortgage costs, rent, electric, sewer, water, phone, gas, medical expenses, and the payments for the child care and child support. In order to determine whether or not you can qualify for this program, there will also be some other factors such as the household members who are purchasing and preparing the food together. In special situations, resources like cash, stocks, and savings can also be considered in order to determining the eligibility of the household.

There are the certain guidelines defined by the federal government on the annual household income that the applicant must need to fulfill, if he wants to qualify for the program. Please take a look at the given chart to understand that:

No. Of Household MembersMaximum Income Limit Per Year

If your household contains more than 8 persons, then you should add $5,408 for every additional person. For the most accurate figures or guidelines you are advised to get in touch with an appropriate managing agency.

How To Apply For Ohio Food Stamps Program

The Ohio SNAP applications are accepted online, in person, and through fax. So, you can choose any of these methods to apply for the Food Stamps program in Ohio. Here is a little guide to the application process that you should know, if you want to apply for this program:

Online Application Process

See the below steps to apply online for the Ohio Food Stamps program:

  • Click this link to visit the webpage from where you will apply online.
  • You will find 4 different images on this page where you need to click “Apply for Benefits” image.
  • Enter the code that is shown on the image and click “Submit” button.
  • Now, you will need to first sign in, in order to start the online application process.
  • Sign in with your existing ID or create a new by clicking the new registration link.
  • After you have created the new account, return to the benefits homepage by clicking the concerned link.
  • Now, click again on the “Apply for Benefits” image.
  • Type the code shown and click “Submit” button. After that, you should login with your ID.
  • Now, read the important information about the program, and then click “Next”.
  • Start the application by providing your basic information and click next button after that.
  • The same way, you will be asked to provide the information such as people, relationships, assets, income, housing expenses, other expenses, financial aid, and absent parent information. You need to proceed further by clicking “Next” button after entering the required information on the different pages.
  • Once you have completed the information on the application form, you should review the information that you have provided.
  • After you have reviewed the provided information, you just have to submit the application.
  • The fields that are marked with a red star sign are the mandatory fields. However, you should provide the maximum information.

Apply In Person Or By Fax

If you are not able to complete the application online, then you are advised to apply in person. In order to apply in person, you will have to visit the local county agency where you will have to submit the application. You can also get the application form from the office or click below mentioned link to request an application form by mail. Once you have received the application form, you should complete it and submit it at the local office. You can also fax the application to the County Department of Job and Family Services.

How And When The Benefits Will Be Provided?

After the submission of the application form, you will be called for an interview to determine your eligibility. After you are found eligible, you will receive an Ohio EBT card that will distribute the food benefits on a monthly basis. This card is similar to your ATM card that you can use at the authorized food locations to buy food.

Important Links

Contact Information


Fax:                        (614) 466-1767

Phone:                 (614) 466-4815



If you want to locate the local Office of Family Assistance to visit them, then you can click here. This will take you to a page from where you can easily get the information on your county.