Apply For Nevada Food Stamp Program

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About Nevada Food Stamp Program

In Nevada, the food supplement program provided by the government is known by the name of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Most of the Nevadans face trouble by the end of the month when they are all done paying the rent, transportation, utilities, and child care and all the other necessities of life; it becomes hard for them to buy the nutritious food. To overcome the problem, the Nevada State Division of Welfare and Supportive Services is providing a food benefit program in the name of SNAP, that helps people get the aid from the government and make it possible for them to feed their families and move on with the life.

Eligibility Requirements For The Nevada SNAP Program

To get these benefits from the government, you will have to go through a short process. This process includes some interviews in which, you will be asked by the authorities a few questions to help them know your real and actual position. The government has set some certain eligibility criteria you have to fulfill that criterion to get the food benefits. Your eligibility will be tested in the interviews. Here are some of the eligibility requirements of the program, to get the full list of these requirements.

  1. Citizenship And Immigrant Status

You must be a U.S citizen or a qualified Alien, to get the Food Benefit Program from the company. By qualified Alien, it is meant that the applicant must:

  • Be a have a permanent residence in the United States that should be admitted lawfully.
  • According to the Immigration & Nationality Act, the applicant must have granted asylum under the section 208 of the Act.
  • Applicant must be a refugee admitted to the section 20 of the Immigration & Nationality Act.

And the applicant must be falling into some other criteria points as well, the detail of which, is available at the official website.

  1. Deductions Requirements

Certain deductions are subtracted after the addition of the applicant’s entire household’s countable income. To get the benefits program, this income should be falling below a certain dollar amount as per the rule set by the government. The dollar amount depends on the number of members of the family as well. Here are some of the allowed deductions:

  • The standard deduction is allowed.
  • Out of the total income, 20 percent of its deduction is allowed.
  • Child-Support Payments are permitted but must be legally owed.
  • More than half of your income’s shelter expenses are permitted.
  • And some other criteria points are mentioned at the website.
  1. Social Security Numbers (SSN)

Social Security Numbers are obviously the most important part of your identity. The SSN is a big requirement that should meet before applying for the Food Benefit Program. The individual, who is applying for the program must provide the SSN of himself and for all the members of the family as well. If there is any member, who does not have the SSN, the applicant must apply for the SSN first before making a move to the SNAP. There are some certain specifications for the Student’s as well, that are mentioned on this link here.

  1. Persons On Strike

If any of the members of the household is on strike against any kind of the labor issue, the household will not be eligible for the program. However, if the member was eligible the day before the strike and was eligible at the time of the application, the households will be eligible to get the program. But, there is no point in the households getting more benefits only because of the striking member getting less income.

  1. Resources

Resources, such as cash, bank accounts, vehicles, real estate, and so forth, are required by the rules of the program and are considered to get the eligibility condition of the applicant. However, a few of the resources are counted towards an allowable limit while a few are not. The allowable limit for the households with at least one member aging 60 or a disabled member is $3,200.

How To Apply For The Nevada Food Stamp Program

There are total three ways, in which, you can apply for the benefit program. First one is through the online website, which is the easiest and the most comfortable one. The second is through downloading a form from below, fill it and submit at the Welfare Office. The third one is by visiting the Welfare office, get the application form there, fill and submit it. That totally depends on you.

  • Go to this link, click the “Apply for Benefits” link at the end of the page.
  • Firstly, you will have to create an account by providing a little information.
  • After the registration, provide the log in details and get logged in into the website.
  • Now, click the blue “Apply for Benefits” button and then onto the white “Start a new Application” button below it.
  • Choose “Food Assistance” and click the white “Submit” button.
  • Check the EBT requirements and policies and then check the box if you agree to the terms. Click the white “Next” button now.
  • Read all the important detail on this page and click the white “Next” button at the end of the page.
  • Now, you will have to provide all the demanded information about you, others in the home, pregnancy or disability, etc.
  • Provide the info about the government and military services, Income, Child Support, Resources and all the demanded contact information, etc.
  • Submit all the information at the end and you will get a notification when you will be allowed to get the Program benefits.

Important Links

Contact Information

There are multiple offices and have their addresses and phone numbers; you can visit the links given above to search the address and info about your nearby office.